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About us

Araripe is a private, non-profit association with headquarters in Brasilia and London, dedicated to fostering the debate of ideas and the proliferation of information and analysis on essential and strategic issues in public policies, as well as establishing and strengthening channels of dialogue between public entities, academia and civil society in Brazil and abroad.

Araripe was founded in 2017 from the impetus of some of the co-founders and organizers of the Brazil Forum UK, an initiative promoted at Oxford University and the London School of Economics. The event brings together some of the most influential leaders of diverse currents of thought to reflect on Brazil’s pathways, with the aim of promoting a neutral and plural environment for debate. The result of the work done had a positive impact on public opinion, which acknowledged the effort to break down barriers to dialogue.

Based on this positive experience and inspired by national and international think tanks and idea incubators, Araripe proposes to hold events and foster research based on the plurality, diversity and balance of ideas with a rigorous and multidisciplinary approach, maintaining independence and autonomy.

To this end, the Institute is already born with the support of the Latin American Centre of the University of Oxford, the King’s Brazil Institute of King’s College London, as well as occasional support to events such as the University of Brasilia. Our goal is to expand the network of contacts and partnerships with research and development institutions of excellence in Brazil and the United Kingdom, building bridges between researchers, government, private initiative and others, always with a view to enabling innovative research and connecting in a more academia, the public sector and civil society.

Our Initiatives

Promotion of research and innovation

An incubator that connects ideas to research centres and foundations for financing, to the public sector and civil society with the objective of proposing innovative solutions to public policy challenges.


Multidisciplinary, plural, focusing on specific themes of public policy, usually carried out in two days. The first day is a workshop with lectures and round tables. On the second day, we will bring together experts to discuss the topics discussed the day before behind closed doors to produce a document summarizing the discussions, relevant issues and possible points of convergence.

To facilitate discussion, this meeting will take place under the Chatam House Rule of anonymity. The final result should always be concrete, such as subsidies for research or a legislation proposal, and will be presented at a press conference and on the Institute’s channels.

Content production

Araripe will also work on content writing on relevant topics in policy papers, newsletters, etc.

Strengthening channels of dialogue between public entities, academia and civil society in Brazil and abroad.


Members of the Advisory Board

Ministro Luís Roberto Barroso, Supremo Tribunal Federal (chair)
Professor Anthony Pereira, King’s College London
Ministra Delaíde Arantes, Labour Superior Court
Dra. Esther Dweck, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Dra. Izabella Teixeira, former Environment Minister
Dr. Maurício Santoro, Rio de Janeiro State University
Dr. Otaviano Canuto, World Bank
Professor Timothy Power, University of Oxford

Members of the Executive Board

Daniel Alano
Fernanda Farina
International Director
Lara Stahlberg
Communications Director
Luís Bulcão
Project Director
Vinícius Ferreira
General Director

Administrative Board

Guilherme Macedo (Chair)
Daniel Alano
Fernanda Farina
Izabela Corrêa
João Francisco Maria
João Paulo Teixeira
Julio Viana
Lara Stahlberg
Luís Bulcão
Nathalia Passarinho
Rodolfo Fiori
Vinicius Ferreira


O Fórum de novas tecnologias e tendências para o Agronegócio sustentável no Brasil acontecerá no dia 30 de outubro, das 9h às 18h30, na Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing de São Paulo.